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This page lists all locations in the game to our knowledge. It is mostly comprised of locations that can be visited while playing, but may include a select number of locations that cannot be visited directly. The locations are placed in a table that is sorted in order of appearance by default, but can also be sorted alphabetically.

Name Region Combat
Seles Serdio Scripted only
Forest Serdio Yes
Hellena Prison Serdio Yes
Prairie Serdio Yes
Limestone Cave Serdio Yes
Bale Serdio No
Hoax Serdio Yes
Marshland Serdio Yes
Volcano Villude Serdio Yes
Nest of Dragon Serdio Yes
Lohan Serdio Scripted only
Shrine of Shirley Serdio Yes
Kazas Serdio Yes
Black Castle Serdio Yes
Fletz Tiberoa Scripted only
Barrens Tiberoa Yes
Donau Tiberoa No
Valley of Corrupted Gravity Tiberoa Yes
Home of Gigantos Tiberoa Yes
Phantom Ship Tiberoa Yes
Lidiera Mille Seseau No
Undersea Cavern Mille Seseau Yes
Prison Island Mille Seseau Yes
Fueno Mille Seseau No
Furni Mille Seseau No
Evergreen Forest Mille Seseau Yes
Deningrad Mille Seseau No
Neet Mille Seseau No
Wingly Forest Mille Seseau No
Kadessa Mille Seseau Yes
Mountain of Mortal Dragon Mille Seseau Yes
Kashua Glacier Mille Seseau Yes
Tower of Flanvel Gloriano Yes
Snowfield Gloriano Yes
Fort Magrad Gloriano Yes
Vellweb Gloriano Yes
Death Frontier Gloriano Yes
Ulara Gloriano No
Rouge Broken Islands No
Aglis Broken Islands Yes
Zenebatos Gloriano Yes
Mayfil Gloriano Yes
Divine Tree Unknown Yes
Moon That Never Sets Unknown Yes