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These are the character's you follow through the game's story.

Dart - The protagonist, capable and daring. He is torn between his quest for revenge and protecting his loved ones.

Lavitz - The companion, a chivalrous knight of Bale. Loyal to family, king, and country.

Shana - The damsel, Dart's childhood friend. She wants to prove herself. Her mysterious powers incite the story.

Rose - The mentor, a stoic savior. She usher's the party into the world of dragons and magic.

Haschel - The wanderer, a martial arts master. He seeks his long lost daughter and escape from his failures.

Albert - The intellectual, king of Bale. Forced to wage a civil war against his uncle. He would rather study.

Meru - The prankster, crouching moron hidden badass. Under her antics she is idealistic and brave.

Kongol - The giant, loyal and powerful. Survivor of the Giganto. He fights for whoever he believes is the strongest.

Miranda - The priestess, first sacred sister of Mille Seseau. Uncharacteristically abrasive and forceful.

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