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This wiki is based entirely on The Legend of Dragoon, a role-playing video game for Playstation 1. There are currently 101 articles and 191 files on site, with 1,696 edits made to 358 pages in total.


The purpose in generating an independent wiki is multifaceted. Community contributor DrewUniverse observed that Wikia's Fandom platform - while not terrible - has several key flaws that are unnecessary for our fanbase to settle for. Beyond that they had a vision of improved data aggregation, resources, preserved history, and entertainment for Legend of Dragoon fans around the world. Thus, goals for this wiki include but are not limited to the following:

  • A vetting process for editors, to prevent against random acts of vandalism
  • Reliable, comprehensive information. With how often false information is conveyed as literal fact, it may prove vital for us to cite the lesser-known details of the game's world.
  • General Archiving and inclusion of external data. With many fansites no longer operational and the official website in pieces on, it is important to preserve this knowledge for the sake of posterity if not our existing fanbase. Not to mention the little-known merchandise items, extended lore and game data from the Japanese guidebook, and so on.

Why move away from Wikia when it's so far along by now? There are several reasons. Doing so allows us stay in parity with the latest version of MediaWiki, which means less security vulnerabilities. In addition, we do not require advertisements to maintain web server expenses. Instead, that space can be used to focus on the core content of the pages. To better understand why moving away from Wikia is recommended in general, there are a number of discussions and articles online that share their experiences. A recent example is found in this write-up, where the wiki team for Runescape explains why they left Wikia's Fandom platform. In short, many wiki teams are not happy with the service and rightfully so. One more example is this discussion about The Sims' wiki where some users discuss the potential barriers of expertise and time required to set up their own site. They also talk about the reality that it is difficult to erect "We have moved!" indicators or close the Wikia wiki, leaving it prone to vandalism as well as splitting the editor base. They are already invested in Wikia, but feel trapped there. With all these layers in mind, we believe that there is enough merit and power in our community to make this work.


  • March 4th? - The independent wiki is created by DrewUniverse on their personal web space.
  • May 4th – The Wikia site is created by Cubixlolz

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