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Stardust is an optional collectible that can be found through out most of the game. You can start collecting it as early as your first visit in Seles, but it has no scripted use until you meet Martel in the city of Bale. There, she gives you a brief history of the stones, as well as offering rewards for bringing her all the Stardust you can find. She describes them as miracle stones that will grant your wish if you manage to collect them all. There are 50 in total, and you must collect all of them in order to fight the optional boss Magician Faust on Disc 3.


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Martel doesn't initially reveal why she needs you to collect Stardust for her. It isn't until you find her in her home in Rouge, standing beside Lil, her bedridden sick daughter, that she explains what her wish is. Once she has all of the Stardust in her possession, it turns out the rumors were true. Martel's wish completely heals her daughter of her sickness.

Stardust has not always been around. It appeared some time after the war broke out in Serdio, between Sandora and Basil. The Winglies in Ulara observed the war brewing, and decided to give humans hope by creating small particles that have symbolism. It was scattered across many lands, including Serdio. Eventually, a rumor brewed that it can grant one's wish or bring good fortune. There are more than 50 pieces; that's just the lore-removed total that the player can collect.

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Martel's Rewards

Martel can later be found in three places:

Stardust Amount Reward Description
10 Physical Ring Raises maximum HP 50%
20 Amulet Doubles maximum MP
30 Wargod Sash Raises SP gains 50%
40 Rainbow Earring Prevents all abnormal status
50 Vanishing Stone Unlocks battle with Magician Faust


There are a total of 50 Stardust through out the world:

  • 20 on Disc 1
  • 15 on Disc 2
  • 11 on Disc 3
  • 4 on Disc 4

Disc 1

Total in Area: 1
Total Collected: 1
Main article: Seles

Location Image
Graveyard: Gravestone in front of the tree Image

Total in Area: 6
Total Collected: 7
Main article: Bale

Location Image
Slambert Plaza: The well outside of Lavitz' house Image
Weapon Shop: Bucket of spears in the foreground Image
Indels Castle: Inside the forge on the first floor Image
Indels Castle: Top left room on the third floor Image
In Town: Exit the boat when given the option near a door. Search the wine barrels at the northern end of the room Image
Lavitz' House: Inside the kitchen cupboard Image

Total in Area: 2
Total Collected: 9
Main article: Hoax

Location Image
Commander's Room: To the left of his desk in the box of swords (Check Note Below) Image
Inside the fireplace of the basement of a house in the upper left part of the village Image
  • Must be obtained on the first visit, otherwise it can be obtained again on Disc 4.

Total in Area: 1
Total Collected: 10
Main article: Marshlands

Location Image
Seventh Fort: Inside the fireplace
640 x 480px

Total in Area: 4
Total Collected: 14
Main article: Lohan

Location Image
Directly in front of the town entrance inside a blue pot
Lohan SD1.png
Bazaar: Basket in front of the Arena
Lohan SD4.png
Dabas' Antiques Shop: Inside a suit of armor
Lohan SD3.png
Stacked Buildings: Down a hidden ladder behind a bookshelf; search the fireplace
Lohan SD2.png

Total in Area: 6
Total Collected: 20
Main article: Kazas

Location Image
Main Road: Barrels in the first building on the left
640x 480px
Main Road: Left of the treasure chest in the first building on the right
640 x 480px
Weapons Shop: Left of the counter
640 x 480px
Resistance Town: Bookshelf in the uppermost room
640 x 480px
Resistance Town: Search the barrels in the shop
640 x 480px
Resistance Town: Barrels next to the staircase in the shop
640 x 480px

Disc 2

Total in Area: 7
Total Collected: 27
Main article: Fletz

Location Image
In the crates outside the bar
640 x 480px
On the roof of a small building in between the town's bridges
640 x 480px
Weapons Shop: Box on the lower-left
640 x 480px
Accessory Shop: Box of gems in the lower-left
640 x 480px
Items shop: Search the telescope in the middle of the shop
640 x 480px
Twin Castle: Search the statue to the right of the first save-point you encounter
640 x 480px
Twin Castle: Base of the right-hand tower (Check Note Below)
640 x 480px

Total in Area: 2
Total Collected: 29
Main article: Donau

Location Image
Left of the town's entrance, in a pool of water
640 x 480px
Inside the sink in the Mayor's home
640 x 480px

Home of Gigantos
Total in Area: 1
Total Collected: 30
Main article: Home of Gigantos

Location Image
Located on the right-hand candlestick in the room where you fight Gherich
640 x 480px

Queen Fury
Total in Area: 2
Total Collected: 32
Main article: Queen Fury

Locaton Image
Located in the room with Kongol, by the wheelbarrow in the bottom right
640 x 480px
Located in the room before Albert is found, in the right corner behind the pipe
640 x 480px

Total in Area: 1
Total Collected: 33
Main article: Lidiera

Locaton Image
Located in Mayor's house, in the top right room with the ladder
640 x 480px

Total in Area: 2
Total Collected: 35
Main article: Fueno

Location Image
Located in the barrels at the inn
640 x 480px
Located in the clinic, on a painting Image

Disc 3

Total in Area: 2
Total Collected: 37
Main article: Furni

Location Image
First house on the right, inside barrels
640 x 480 px
Teo's house, basement. A switch in his room moves the barrier so you can slide all the way to the basement.
640 x 480 px

Forest of Winglies
Total in Area: 2
Total Collected: 39
Main article: Forest of Winglies

Location Image
Room with Guaraha, to the far right.
640 x 480px
Below the healing room, right pillar with green lights.
640 x 480px

Total in Area: 1
Total Collected: 40
Main article: Neet

Location Image
Lantern, right side of entrance.
640 x 480px

Total in Area: 5
Total Collected: 45
Main article: Deningrad
**Special note: All stardust in this area can only be obtained after a major event.

Location Image
Second floor of the inn, along rear wall. Image
Blanket of goods on the floor. Image
Second blanket of goods on the floor. Image
Crystal Palace, blocked pathway on left of stairs leading to throne room. Image
Right wall of throne room: Search ruins blocking the Chamber of the Signet. Image

Total in Area: 1
Total Collected: 46
Main article: Vellweb

Locaton Image
The ruined alter along the back of Shirley's tower. Image

Disc 4

Total in Area: 3
Total Collected: 49
Main article: Ulara

Location Image
Weapons shop, pots on northern wall Image
Within the bed of roses, left of the save point. Image
In the bed of large snapping plants. Image

Total in Area: 1
Total Collected: 50
Main article: Rouge

Locaton Image
In the room neighboring Martel's, in a large pot on the right. Image