Author: Monoxide

  • Severed Chains – New Recommended Build!

    Severed Chains – New Recommended Build!

    Severed Chains officially enters the beta stage of development! As we get closer and closer to parity with retail, more framework is being setup for long-term benefits. Let’s mark this moment!

  • Severed Sundays – January 15th

    Welcome back to another Severed Sundays! Monoxide here. This week was another slow one in terms of new features, but big for the game engine. I’ve been working on major behind the scenes changes that have taken up most of my dev time. More on that in a bit. Previously on Severed Chains… In our…

  • The Project We’ve Been Waiting 11,000 Years For

    Introduction Hey everyone! For anyone who isn’t already familiar with me, I’m Monoxide, the developer working on the Legend of Dragoon PC port. I’ve been working on the project for the past two years (11,000 years might have been a bit of an exaggeration, but it’s felt like it at times.) The goal of the…