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Our podcast series has begun! This is a variety show that talks about the game and its fanbase worldwide. Includes segments such as trivia, community news, fan spotlights, and of course the main feature. The show can be listened to through a variety of platforms, and is available for direct download. Got a question? See our FAQ below or write to us.

The main series will have a variety of miscellaneous segments, usually anchored by a feature segment in the middle. There will also be special episodes that focus on a specific aspect, such as a lore subject or a particular community project.

Episode Index & Downloads

Note: Downloads are available in both MP3 and OGG format. For each of these, you have the option of a “small” download at a lower bitrate. Voice quality will be the same but any music, ambience or sound effects will sound a bit worse.

1Pronunciations May Vary48:27Sept. 13 2021MP3OGG (High quality)
MP3OGG (Low quality)
2It’s Like Un-Baking A Cake50:15Apr. 19 2022MP3OGG (High quality)
MP3OGG (Low quality)
3It Appeared In Our House One Day1:08:00Aug. 25 2022MP3OGG (High quality)
MP3OGG (Low quality)
4Speedrunning Is All About Community1:08:00Sept. 29 2022MP3 – OGG (High quality)
MP3 – OGG (Low quality)
5Where Did You Even Get A Goose!?1:37:30March 28, 2024MP3 – OGG (High quality)
MP3 – OGG (Low quality)

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can the podcast series be made available on (PlatformNameHere)?
A: It depends! Any podcast platform that supports RSS feeds should be eligible. If it’s not in our list above, send us an email with your request!

Q: How large are the direct downloads?
A: We only have the first episode to go on for right now, but the MP3 file is ~45MB and the OGG file is ~30MB for a 48-minute show. This may increase a bit in the future as we include song segments, jingles or SFX. You are welcome to request a low-bitrate version via email, and if it’s a popular-enough request we’ll include it in every release by default.

Q: Can I be on the show?
A: Maybe! We have a lot of co-hosts we’d love to feature already, but we also want to make guest appearances possible every now and then. We hope to feature a wide range, from casual fans to content creators to important figures in the community.

Q: I heard that the podcast will eventually be mirrored to the community Youtube channel. Does that mean certain video elements will be shown in addition to the audio?
A: It is possible, but we currently don’t have the volunteer power for that. Perhaps in the future, when we talk about certain images or videos we can source some pictures or clips to play on-screen during those moments for added context in the Youtube uploads.

Q: Will chapter markers be added so we can quickly seek to a specific topic?
A: Not yet, no. Although we created some chapters, they are only supported in certain file formats and platforms. To our knowledge, even streaming giants like Spotify don’t support chapter seeking yet. We have tried creating chapters on our end, as well as through the anchor.fm distribution platform. No dice yet, but we really like this as a feature and will keep trying to get it working in-between other community projects. When we can consistently support the feature we’ll let you know in a news post!