A summary of known LoD merchandise issued or licensed by Sony. This ranges from common items like the game itself or the Prima strategy guide, to incredibly rare items like the Rose Pendant. Where available, description text from official listings on Playstation’s old website are included in quotation marks.

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North America

Video Game

Release DateUnclear (June 11th or 13th, 2000)
Price$39.99 USD
RatingT for Teen
Region CodeSCUS 94491, 94584, 94585, 94586

Video game – Greatest Hits

Release DateUnknown
Price$19.99 USD
RatingT for Teen
Region CodeSCUS 94491, 94584, 94585, 94586

“Epic RPG with expensive CG and a classic fantasy narrative.”

“Square’s PlayStation Final Fantasy installments reinvented the modern console RPG by offering a slick mix of polygonal characters, lush rendered backdrops, and exquisite CG cinemas. The immense success of these games inspired SCEA to devise a similar game, and the result is The Legend of Dragoon. You are Dart, a spiky-haired, spunk-filled lad whose village is destroyed by an evil army. These vile knights also kidnap your doe-eyed sweetheart, a mysterious girl who seems to hold hidden powers. You set out to right these wrongs, unraveling a traditional RPG narrative of good versus evil. Fans of Final Fantasy VIII will quickly acclimate to these battles, as they are very similar. In these turn-based encounters you must time button presses for maximum damage, similar to Squall’s Gunblade attack in FFVIII. Your characters also have attacks similar to “limit breaks,” known as the Dragoon system. PlayStation fans looking for another epic RPG laden with expensive CG and a classic fantasy narrative should investigate SCEA’s offering.”

Action Figures

Set of Dart, Rose, Shana, Lavitz, Kongol, and Lloyd
Manufacturer: BlueBox Toys
Sale: CyToys

Prima Strategy Guide

Release DateUnknown
Price$9.99 USD, £9.99 UK
RatingT for Teen
ISBN #0-7615-3007-X

“Four full CDs of gameplay. Over 80 hours of play. An incredibly deep storyline told with over 40 minutes of breathtaking CG. This is a quest that will take a magnificent effort on your part. So cut yourself some slack and empower your forces with LEGEND OF DRAGOON: PRIMA’S OFFICIAL STRATEGY GUIDE. All four chapters are broken down in a complete walkthrough, detailing how to beat every battle and where every sub-quest begins and leads you, as well as revealing the location of each Stardust. There’s also a character sheet for each player and detailed enemy stats to figure out how best to approach a battle. More importantly, every weapon, item, and accessory is listed for the player to acquire and use. An unbelievable voyage should begin with the wisdom of a first step — let this book be your guide.


Set of three: Dart, Rose, and Shana in Dragoon form. Technique: screen-printed heat transfer. 100% cotton. Front: Game logo in upper-left corner. Rear: image crop of common wallpapers for each character. Price: $5.99

“Featuring the leader of your party of Dragoons, this stunning graphic is a stand-out for fans of the awe-inspiring RPG. 100% cotton jersey tee, screen-printed heat transfer character art on the back, logo on front.”

“Featuring stunning artwork from the beautiful RPG adventure THE LEGEND OF DRAGOON, Rose stands as a fierce female companion. 100% cotton jersey tee, screen-printed heat transfer character art on the back, logo on front.”

(Picture not available)

“The healing spirit and the heart of The Legend of Dragoon will now always be with you. 100% cotton jersey tee, screen-printed heat transfer character art on the back, logo on front.”

Pad Folio

“Write your own legend and imagine your own realm.”
Price: $12.99

“When you step away from the fantastically realized world of THE LEGEND OF DRAGOON, your mind may still stray to that land and create its own adventures. Don’t lose those fantasies — write them down in your own LEGEND OF DRAGOON PADFOLIO! This collectible 5/8″ ringed notebook reminds players of their journey in the game with 100 lines pages with greyscale character art watermarked on the pages. Handsomely bound with a ridged cover and a screen-printed LEGEND OF DRAGOON logo art.”


Video Game

Release DateDecember 2nd, 1999
Region CodeSCPS 10119 ~ 10122


Release DateJanuary 21, 2000
CompanySPE Visual Works Inc.
Track Count50


First EditionFebruary 2nd, 2000
Second EditionJune 1st, 2000
ISBN #4-7572-0679-8


TitleThe Disturbance in Serdio
Release dateMarch 4th, 2000
ISBN #4-7572-0663-1


Release dateJuly 6, 2000
CompanyBros. Comics
ISBN #4-7577-0137-3

Phone Cards

Two variants
Came in special case with pins and serial number. It is uncertain whether these phone cards were also sold standalone, or if they only came in the full bundles.
Price: ¥2200?

Card 1: Front
Card 1: Rear
Card 2: Front
Card 2: Rear
Sleeve that holds phone card (Right side)
Case, front cover
Inside case, close-up

Rose Pendant

Limited run: 300 copies
Price: ¥19,800


Video Game

Release DateJanuary 19th, 2001
Region Code???


Game releases in other regions

Chinese videogame (?)

Release date???
Region codeSCPS 45461 ~ 45464

Taiwanese-Mandarin Strategy Guide

Price: ?

Australian / New Zealand videogame

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