Project: Translate TM Guidebook

**This project is currently seeking help! Read on to learn what we need help with. To participate, connect with us in the #translation channel of the LoD Discord server.

This project aims to translate the Taiwanese-Mandarin guidebook in its entirety. Archivist DrewUniverse perused it to find oddly exclusive content, such as illustrations for all equipment and consumables in Legend of Dragoon and an interview with Yasuyuki Hasebe. It may contain additional content not found anywhere else, even the Japanese Guidebook. Thus, this project is a bit of a high priority.

Useful links

Current Status

The book has barely been translated thus far. We have a Dragoon ability listing translated with “power levels” for each Dragoon Magic spell, and the interview with Yasuyuki Hasebe has been translated in full by MTMinded.

Help Wanted

We need fluent translators who can reliably translate the content. We also need at least one volunteer to take lead on the project and help keep it organized.


The goal is simply to translate the guidebook in its entirety. Once that is done, the project will be closed.



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