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**This project is currently seeking help! Read on to learn what we need help with. To participate, connect with us in the #wiki channel of the LoD Discord server.

This in-house wiki project comprises an encyclopedia of knowledge about Legend of Dragoon: its characters, places, legends, and so on. This spans from common game knowledge to incredibly rare information that fans have been too long without.

Some fans have asked why we’re creating an in-house wiki instead of using the pre-existing one on Wikia/Fandom. Although the many errors could be corrected in terms of content accuracy, there would be other systemic issues that are unresolvable due to the nature of Fandom and wiki farms in general. See this announcement from the Runescape editing team on why they left – most of the reasons are synonymous with ours.

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Current Status

In the middle of May, we are moving slowly due to low volunteer count. That said, some articles got a significant boost in content. Here is a list of recent accomplishments:

  • Minor progress on Aglis
  • Major progress on Home of Gigantos
  • Major progress on Valley of Corrupted Gravity
  • Major progress on Repeat Items
  • Minor progress on misc. articles

Help Wanted

We request help in the following areas:

  • Content fill. We need help with table data fill-in, as well as story content.
  • Style Guide design discussions.
  • Theme styling: We don’t need anything hyper-custom to begin with, but something a little more flavorful than the stock appearance is desired. The idea is to create a visually appealing style that isn’t too distracting or contrast-heavy (see Fandom wiki).


(take screenshots of current wiki articles)


Once we have a solid base of volunteers, we will be able to move into more article types and how they should be designed.



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