Project: Web 1.0

**This project is currently seeking help! Read on to learn what we need help with. To participate, connect with us in the #website channel of the LoD Discord server.

The Web 1.0 project is focused on improving the services and presentation of the website you are viewing now – which uses the WordPress CMS and Bluehost hosting services. Although some things have remained in good order, such as our growing list of guides, other aspects have needed improvement. These issues include alignment, a few broken links, and missing pages to name a few.

The goal is to get this iteration of the website into a much better state and address as many of the issues as possible. The challenge will be a lack of volunteers – therefore some issues will take longer than others to resolve. As of May 2023, DrewUniverse and PinballThief are working together on the project and more volunteers are needed.

Useful Links

Current Status

In the middle of May, Drew is creating many tasks on the Trello board and working on them as time allows. Here is a shortlist of recent accomplishments:

  • Fixed site-wide alignment issues
  • Improved layout for “Post” and “Page” templates
  • Added a “Project Page” template, showing active projects via right-hand sidebar.
  • Fixed broken Heading scales and font mismatch.
  • Navigation bar: removed broken links and vastly improved submenu organization.

Help Wanted

We request help in the following areas:

  • Padding issue: For some reason, when we apply a color to the submenu background of the navigation block, it creates a heck of a lot of padding. We need to be able to set a dropdown color without WP deciding that has to come with lots of padding and an order of fries.
  • Native solutions: We’re hoping to find a better way to support things – such as a before/after slider – without needing dedicated plugins to perform such features. Again, this is within the WordPress CMS.


To Be Added


Once the foundation is in excellent order we will start looking at what features we can squeeze into Web 1.0, and which features will need to wait for web 2.0.



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