Community Projects

An overview of community projects for Legend of Dragoon. These range wildly both in category and purpose. Some are for expanding our knowledge of the game, others are for entertainment. Through and through, all community projects exist to create some kind of benefit for the fandom’s sake.

Below, you will find a list of community projects, some quick info about them, and links to those specific project pages for more information. If you’d like to contribute to any of these projects, please view the specific project page for more details and how to connect. There are several projects that require no commitment or don’t require formal skills! If you wish to help financially, scroll below the Benched Projects table or click here to jump down.

As of June 2023 we now have an aggregate Trello board that will list all the things we’re looking for help with, from single tasks to big projects. For anyone who would rather see all the help requests in one place, this board is for you. We expect a majority of our help requests to be listed by the middle of June. If you’re not sure who to contact about a task, get in touch with DrewUniverse on the community Discord server.

Note that this is voluntary! Keep a healthy life balance and don’t let any of these roles or projects become too much of a job. The ideal goal is to share the workload between many volunteers, rather than shoulder everything on a select few. We will have plenty of time.

Active Projects

A list of projects that currently have substantial activity.

ProjectDescriptionKey People
Severed ChainsReverse-Engineering Legend of Dragoon’s code as a PC port.Monoxide, theflyingzamboni, Zychronix, Illeprih, Ink
Image UpscaleUpscaled BG images/etc. for Severed Chains and Beetle.Zychronix, theflyingzamboni
Translate JP GuidebookLearn and share rare information about the game with fans.DrewUniverse, DrinPixeled, Ziekara
Translate TM GuidebookLearn and share rare information about the game with fans.DrewUniverse
Web 1.0Develop/improve this website.DrewUniverse, PinballThief
Web 2.0Begin planning and developing a custom-made website.DrewUniverse, Hotepp, FangerZero, Ink, Zack, PinballThief
WikiIn-house wiki emphasizing accurate data, no ads, and better security.DrewUniverse
Fan DubAbridged playthrough featuring a large cast of volunteer voice actors. Includes spoken dialog, unscripted lines, and new creature/combat sounds.Nogard, Ariel

Ongoing Projects

A list of ongoing projects. These are “always on” in some way, shape or form.

ProjectDescriptionKey People
Resource Archivecomprehensive collection of data, developer works, and fan works about LoD.DrewUniverse
Remake CampaignWorldwide fan rally for Sony to support a new LoD game.DrewUniverse
Social MediaManaging social media hubs: Discord, Reddit, etc.DrewUniverse, JIFX, LuckyCat, SilentSkye
Convention PlanningPreparation for in-person LoD ConventionDrewUniverse
General TranslationTranslating various LoD materials, as well as this website into additional languages for accessibility. Drewuniverse

Benched Projects

A list of benched projects. Most of these are on-hold due to a lack of volunteers or needing more detailed design. However, if you have the time/energy/skill to help realize one of these projects please reach out! You can contact DrewUniverse#0108 on Discord or email us: contact-at-legendofdragoon-dot-org.

ForumIn-house classic forum for community discussions. On-hold due to lack of volunteers, but still planned for long-term use.
Tekken 7 ModLOD character models placed within Tekken 7 for hand-to-hand combat against one another, including some LoD voiceovers and stage music. Functions in PVP!
SaveGame EditorFunctionality will eventually be a part of Severed Chains.
LoD Radio24/7 radio service featuring fan remixes, covers, etc. of the LoD soundtrack.
To Be Added

Legacy Projects

A list of projects that are closed or discontinued for various reasons.

Dragoon ModifierModding suite used in conjunction with LoD via emulators. Being sunset in favor of Severed Chains.
LoDModSRomhacking tool for creating modded game roms. Being sunset in favor of Severed Chains.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I’d like to help with a project but I’m not sure I have the skill. Can I still try to help?
A: It depends. Some projects, such as the wiki, include basic training and it’s easy to get into. Other projects really need specific skills and training may not be available. There may be free resources online, though!

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