Community Testing for SC RB3 Starts Today!

Group Testing for Rec. Build 3 is live! Come help check for issues in RB3 so we can make it as stable as possible together!





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As we get closer and closer to the next major release of Severed Chains, it’s time to do some rigorous testing to ensure everything works as intended. With how much there is to test, we’re calling on the community to help us out! Read on to learn the details and how to participate.

What is happening?

We are working together as a community to check virtually everything in the game, to make sure it is retail-accurate and free of bugs / crashes. The SC team will be coordinating with volunteers to keep it all organized. Every volunteer will take some tasks – such as checking enemy combat abilities – and report back with their findings. Initial testing is planned for the full weekend of May 24, but may be extended depending on test results.

Drew and Monoxide will be livestreaming throughout the weekend for a behind-the-scenes look at our collective progress. The schedule is available on our Youtube channel – here’s a direct link to the playlist.

How to Participate

Testing will be coordinated through the community Discord server; please join if you haven’t already. Head to the #severed-chains channel and ask to be a tester. We’ll grant you a role that lets you see #sc-testing, where we discuss issues and parse it all out.

Testers will need to follow certain guidelines depending on what they are testing. First, take this guide which acts as a general launching point. It has instructions, examples, savefile packs, and setup guides to get testers up and running quickly. If yall have any questions or corrections on the guide please let us know in Discord.

Thanks to all volunteers, we really appreciate it!

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