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  • Now Available: Rec. Build #2 for Severed Chains!

    With a slew of improvements since RB1, RB2 is here with music support!

  • Website Updates – May 2023

    Website Updates – May 2023

    Website updates for are here! Improved design, more content, better everything!

  • Severed Chains – New Recommended Build!

    Severed Chains – New Recommended Build!

    Severed Chains officially enters the beta stage of development! As we get closer and closer to parity with retail, more framework is being setup for long-term benefits. Let’s mark this moment!

  • Fandub Update: March 2023

    Fandub Update: March 2023

    After a well deserved break for the holidays and a few editing changes Nogard is finally ready to release episode number 1.7 today!! He does apologize for the length of the break but rest assured the changes will be monumental in ensuring even more amazing episodes in the future. If you are not caught up…

  • Project Update: Image Upscale Mod

    Hello all, it’s been a while since our last post about the upscale project. Yes, we are still working on it and would like to give an update about what has been happening all this time. Current progress: Progress was not on upscaling the backgrounds alone. Before, where cutouts had been completed, they were done…