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Any%: 7h39m22s by DillonWithAnI
Any% Turbo: 3h46m04s by blackdeathdoom
Any% Classic: 10h31m49s by blackdeathdoom
Any% Classic Turbo: 10h13m03s by lasagnaaammm
Any% JP Classic: 13h47m32s by blackdeathdoom
Magician Faust: 9h13m26s by blackdeathdoom

A brief history from release to 2022

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The following video portrays a brief history of speedrunning in Legend of Dragoon, leading up to the latest breakthrough in run length.



For over a decade, a potential way to drastically shorten the speedrun route was stuck at a dead-end. LoD’s debug room could be accessed through the save-over glitch, but it left the party at level 0 and the first battle would result in a game over since Dart had no hit points (0/0). However, in early 2022, progress was made at long last. This gave players the new option of a skip-included run. Already, a time of less than four hours has been recorded!

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