Project: Translate JP Guidebook

**This project is currently seeking help! Read on to learn what we need help with. To participate, connect with us in the #translation channel of the LoD Discord server.

This project aims to translate the Japanese Guidebook in its entirety. The book has over 400 pages of explained game mechanics, walkthrough, lore, and other commentary with artwork throughout.

For a few years, multiple volunteers have helped translate most of the lore section and game mechanics. However, we’d like to expand into the ~300-page primary section: the walkthrough. Although most of the content will not be new / is already known, there are nuggets of rare knowledge within. For example, differences to treasure chest contents and a mention of the average Minintos height. Who knows what other tidbits await discovery!

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Current Status

The Lore section is largely complete, but needs a bit more review for proper interpretation as well as spelling/grammar corrections. The game mechanics section also needs a similar review. The walkthrough section has yet to be scanned in and started, but will be underway very soon.

Help Wanted

We’re looking for additional volunteers who can fluently translate from Japanese to English. The primary objective of our translation projects is to convert all acquired materials to English, and then into other languages in the future. Translation efforts are coordinated loosely through the community Discord server, and tasks are managed via the Trello board.


Once the project is near completion, we would like to bring in volunteers who can translate the English and/or Japanese text into additional languages such as Spanish, French, German, and more. LoD fans exist all around the world! We hope to translate these contents into additional languages for sake of accessibility to help everyone feel included.

The goal is simply to translate the Japanese guidebook in its entirety. Once that is done, the project will be closed.


Q: Is the JP guidebook still available for purchase? How can I get one?
A: There are some copies remaining on resale sites like eBay. The book is still available at a decent price.

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