Lesser-known Facts about Legend of Dragoon

This is a comprehensive list of information that has generally evaded the fanbase since the game’s release. Much of it comes from the Japanese Guidebook or other estranged sources, posted here for everyone’s benefit. Beware that there are many spoilers on this page, so completing the game first is recommended. Source of all ages and height is from the JP guidebook, with other info sourced in parenthesis. Everything posted here is from the developers themselves, and is considered canon as such.


Special / Dragoon Space: The current element of Special dynamically increases and decreases magical power for both allies and enemies. For example, if Dart activates Special, fire-element magic damage is increased by 50% or 1.5x. If the target foe is of water element, then the attack will do 1.75x damage instead. The magic damage of foes who are fire element get the same 1.5x bonus. Note that the current elemental space reduces the power of opposing-element magic as well. For example, if Special is activated with Dart, Meru’s outgoing magic damage is reduced by half along with water-element foes. Elemental weapons with a matching Dragoon Space increase that character’s D-attack power by 50% or 1.5x. (Japanese Guidebook, p57)

Escape chance: the farther you travel into a dungeon, the lower the rate of success. Also, this rate lowers with each successive disc. Disc 1 has rates over 50% in general. Disc 2 lowers escape chance to 30% for most areas. Some areas in Disc 4 have a 0% chance. (JG, p51)


Albert: Age 26; 175cm. Does not like tomatoes. (JG p384)

Archangel: Also known as the Seventh Angel, they are the protector god of the Winglies. They are represented in statues as having two sets of wings and three sets of hands. Of their wings, they have one set that is as fine as leaves. The second set is large and has tails like those found in butterflies. In their right hand they carry a flower, a book and a sword resembling a red feather. Although they look like a male, they are androgynous and even the statues of the archangel are not made in the likeness of either sex. The Moon That Never Sets created an avatar of the Archangel using Meru’s complex about humans. The avatar in human terms appears to be 27 years old and 184cm tall. (JG p394)

Atlow: Age 33; 179cm. Lost to last year’s Hero Competition winner. It is said that no one can pass by his bow without being marked. He entered to show off his skills, rather than the prize money. (JG p388)

Belzac: Age 31 (DC); 210 cm. Despite being human, he is an exceptional giant who wields a huge axe that would be difficult for most humans to lift. He has the blood of royalty, but he likes to interact with the general public. Known for being a great protector of children and fought for the ones that were killed by Winglies. (JG p388)

Carlo: Father of Albert. He was the King of Serdio before it split into Basil and Sandora. When he named his son Albert as his heir, it caused a falling out with Carlo’s brother Doel. Although not quite a dictatorship, it is hard to say that Carlo’s administration was necessarily for the people either. Because Albert was only six years old at the time, he didn’t know that his father Carlo had been heavily taxing his people to the point of deteriorating public order, leading to alleged bribes among his ministers. This helped spark the rise of Doel’s rebellion. (JG p389, 396)

Charle Frahma: The elder sister of Melbu Frahma. Long ago she lead the Wingly moderates. Now she leads Ulara. She feels responsible for Rose’s fate, so she tries to be cheerful around her. She is seen as a bit of an “old lady” for calling Rose and Zieg by pet names. (JG p392)

Dabas: Age 51; 163cm. An Antiques merchant in Lohan. His sorry excuse for arms and legs leave him not more than a big lump of flesh, yet he is one of the leading merchants in the huge commercial city of Lohan. With a figure like a rubber ball, he is sometimes referred to as a “fat daruma,” but he believes it to be a term of endearment. In his everyday life, many of his days are spent looking for food in the many stalls in Lohan. However, once he starts collecting gems (his favorite hobby) he has the courage to go into even the most dangerous of places. He is saved by Dart and the others in Volcano Villude while searching for a Burning Gem, a legendary gem that is said to burn forever. In his store there is a hole that leads underground, where he likes to go digging for treasure occasionally. Later, he seems to return to Volcano Villude to resume his search for the Burning Gem. (JG p394)

Dart: Age 23; 178 cm

Divine Dragon: 68 meters long, 180 tons. With seven wings and seven magical eyes, it belongs to the highest rank of Dragons, as king. There are only two in existence. It is said that these two fought, and this one was the only one to survive. It has enough magical power to destroy the entire world, and is covered in a shell-like exoskeleton. The Winglies believe that the ferociousness of the animals in the world and the disturbance in the energy of the land is attributable to the Divine Dragon’s resurrection approaching. (JG p393)

Doel: Age 52; 182cm. The Emperor of the Sandoran Empire. He believed that in order to purify the world, it would need a strong leader that would unify the nations by force to create a world where all races were equal. He is clad in black armor with a dark blade in his left and and a light blade in his right. 20 years ago, he killed Carlo (his brother and Albert’s father) and initiated the divide of Serdio into Basil and Sandora. On the Moon That Never Sets, Doel appeared as a kind king on a mission for his country. (JG p396)

Drake: Coming next!

Emille: Age 22, 165cm.

Faust: Known as The Wicked Ancient. Age 88 (11,770); 170cm. His apparitions are made from artificial organic matter infused with magic. Oversaw the murder of many species. (Japanese Guidebook, p398)

Gehrich: Age 42; 176cm. At age 21 he was kicked out of the Rouge School of Martial Arts by Haschel, leading him into a life as a bandit. The Gehrich Gang was initially a small group, and even Gehrich himself had no interest in power. He gave up his leadership position after meeting Lenus six months prior to present day, which led the gang to expand without him. (JG p391)

Gorgaga: Age 40; 162cm. He was Dart’s first-round opponent in the Hero Competition, and a warrior of the northeastern frontier tribe (not related to the fake eastern tribe from Savan’s tests). He is a large man wearing animal skin on his head. Gorgaga entered the Hero Competition after hearing about it when he came to Lohan to sell his furs. For his tribe, hunting was a way of life, and to lose a fight meant certain death, so they will resort to anything to achieve victory. For this reason, he uses an illegal poison in the tournament, and is called a coward. (JG p391)

Greham: Age 46; 172cm. He has a stubborn and inflexible personality, with the highest sense of loyalty toward Doel among Sandora’s military commanders. He was a competent knight who preferred assaults with a few elite soldiers over massive armies. He sided with Sandora during the splitting of Serdio into two factions. Despite being the best friend of Lavitz’ father, Servi, it is said that he was responsible for Servi’s death. Greham manipulated Feyrbrand as the Jade Dragoon, but they lost to Dart and company. Greham reveals that he was afraid of Servi. (JG p390)

Haschel: Age 70; 163cm

Indora: The strongest of the Giganto warriors who fought the human bandits that attacked his village until his dying breath. While encountered on the moon, his armor is identical to the set used by Kongol in Kazas. (JG p388)

Kanzas: Age 44 (DC); 165cm. Abandoned by his parents at a young age, he chose that he would do any evil thing he had to in order to survive. Of all seven original Knights of the Dragon, he became a knight for the most impure reasons. His clothes were usually all-black with weapons hidden all over. He had salt-and-pepper hair that stuck up as if to challenge the heavens. He kept a record of those he had killed, carving wooden dolls for each of them and placing many of them around his room. His desire to fight for others came after being persuaded by Shirley. (JG p390

Katrina: Late wife of Emperor Doel. She was the model for the Goddess Statue on the 4th floor of the Black Castle. (JG p389)

Kongol: Age 37, 250cm. At the Black Castle, the armor he wears is made of Dragon bones and allows the wielder to cast magic. (JG p385)

Kubila: One of the three Winged Executioners dispatched by Nomos to fight Dart & company. He works alongside Vector and Selebus, but the three are not in fact pure winglies. Their blood is mixed with other species. Kubila is a mix of Winglies and Humans, causing him great trouble during the Dragon Campaign of which side he belonged with. He ended up being despised as an abomination by both sides, and in despair towards his own fate, turned to a life of darkness. He then became a Winged Executioner alongside the other two who had been similarly alienated by the world. (JG p390)

Lavitz Slambert: Age 34; 170cm. Serious with a strong sense of morality. He is also a bit of a mama’s boy. His father, Servi, was killed by his close friend and traiterous knight, Greham. When he encounters the party in Mayfil, he attacks because the demon Zackwell has given him temporary amnesia of his journey with Dart. (JG P384)

Lloyd: Appears age 28, but actually 53; 191cm. (JG p387)

Meru: Appears age 16, but is in fact much older; 154cm. (JG p386)

Miranda: Age 30; 177cm.

Peddler Brothers: Four brothers who sell their wares in the most remote places in the world. They all share a passion for merchant life, but it was the slightly crazy Primero who first suggested they start peddling. (JG p390)

Rose: Age 26 (11,708); 170cm

Savan: A solitary Wingly living alone in the Magical City of Aglis since ancient times. He refers to himself as “the Wingly fated to wait,” watching Rose for 7,000 years in his mirror room. Having survived the Dragon Campaign, he achieved immortality by his own efforts and studied magic in order to reconstruct the Wingly world. As he watched Rose, he continued his research and developed the Psychedelic Bomb, a powerful spell, along with a new signet sphere in Moot. Leading up to Dart and company’s arrival, Savan made and employed a number of magical creatures. The individuality and human-like qualities of the magical creatures he made were likely meant to soften the loneliness he felt. (JG p391)

Selebus: Coming soon™

Serfius: Age 27; 170cm. A knight covered in armor, he once served under an earl of the Kingdom of Basil, but when the earldom was destroyed in the war be began wandering. He honed his skills with a sword into a unique style during his travels, and can even perform additions. (JG P393)

Servi Slambert: Also known as the Lance of Slambert, almost everyone in the Kingdom of Basil knew his name. Upon his best friend Greham betraying him, Servi’s despair in the battlefield became like a chink in his armor, and he lost his life. (JG P393)

Shana: Age 18; 160cm

Shirley: Age 27; 161cm. Her hair has a slight red tinge and it reaches down to her lower back. Having lost her life in the Battle of Kadessa, she now exists only as a spirit. Originally a priestess that served the gods, she despised fighting. The large scarf that hung over her shoulders wrapped around her as if it were a Tennyo’s Hagoromo, and the white makeup going from her forehead to her nose was proof of her life-long dedication to the gods. She was beloved by many as a kindhearted woman who always thought of others and had a very calm personality. Despite over 10,000 years passing since the war, she has remained best friends with Rose. Later when the party meets her again in Vellweb, she can be found protecting the lives of her friends who died in the Dragon Campaign from the curse of Mayfil. (JG p392)

Soa: The Creator. Widely believed in places like Tiberoa as the highest God. Soa created the Divine Tree, and by extension all life on the planet. (JG p394)

Syuveil: Age 26; 177cm. Originally a biologist. In addition to his round glasses, he typically sported a cape as proof he is a scholar over his plain white clothes. He continually researched living things with a passion. Where does life come from and where does it go? He always sought an answer to the question of why life exists. He became a Dragoon to look for clues to that question. In the battle of Mayfil, he came face-to-face with the world devoid of light that the dead are taken to, and not wanting to pass on to a world of nothingness, remained in this world as a spirit. (JG p393)

Theresa: The queen of Mille Seseau. Originally from Neet, she gave birth to twin daughters at her parents’ house 18 years ago. However, because having twins is considered ominous in Mille Seseau, Shana was taken away by midwives who didn’t inform Teresa that her child had a twin.

After giving birth, Theresa returned to Deningrad to attend to stately affairs, while her daughter, Princess Louvia, remained in Neet because she was not feeling well. The Black Monster then attacked Neet on the night of Louvia’s escape on the ship, the Saint Louvia, that had come from Deningrad.(JG p396)

Ute, Librarian: Age 65; 170cm. After Deningrad is attacked by the Divine Dragon, Ute works together with Bishop Dille to restore the town and help the people. (JG p389)

Wink: Her reason for traveling past Evergreen Forest was to get reinforcements, probably in response to the Divine Dragon. After losing Lloyd, she locks herself up at the inn of the ruined Deningrad. Her love for him was quite strong. (JG p388)

Zackwell: Coming soon™. This translation is more difficult.

Zieg: Age 28 (DC); 181cm.

Zior: King of Tiberoa. Strong and kind, he is admired by his people as a hard worker. He will be 45 this year and is 156cm tall. His pride and joy are his two daughters, Emille and Lisa, who are said to look just like their late mother. Zior is said to spoil Emille in particular. He was a noteworthy warrior before taking the throne, and even now his sword arm is above average for a knight. After hearing of the Divine Dragon’s attack, he sent aid and supplies to the capital of Mille Seseau. (JG p392)


Vellweb: The Dragoon towers comprised the Force of Seven castle (rough translation, JG p388).


On the World Map, holding Start will show location names over their miniature models. Holding Square while at the entry point of a location will show if it has any facilities (inn, clinic, shops, etc.)


The maximum gold possible to carry is 99,999,999.

There are four types of dungeon in the game: Single Road (Barrens), Building (Shrine of Shirley), Maze (Hellena Prison), and Warp (Valley of Corrupted Gravity).

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