Guide: Stardust

Stardust is a small wishing stone, with many pieces scattered throughout the continent of Endiness. It was created to give people hope in dark times. There are 50 collectible pieces in Legend of Dragoon, which you can exchange for occasional unique accessories and, at 50, access to the game’s most powerful optional boss fight.

As Stardust is collected, it can be turned in to Martel. In exchange, she will give rewards for every ten collected. Below is a list of places Martel can be found, rewards, and stardust locations. You can scroll down to the bottom of this page for a checklist. Beware that a few spoilers are in the tables below!

Martel Appearances

Click to Expand
BaleTo the right rear of the town. Once at Slambert Plaza, go to the house left of Lavitz’ Mother.After seeing the King and Lavitz’ Mother, she will bump into the party right as they leave.She is inaccessible once the Hero Competition is started.
FletzTo the right of town, at Kaffi’s bar.Second visit with Kaffi, after first night cycle passes.Sometime after the start of Chapter 3
DeningradTo the left of the opening area.After a special event changes the city.
RougeSecond floor of the village – exit north.Present when the party arrives.


Click to Expand
10Physical RingIncreases maximum HP by 50%
20AmuletDoubles maximum MP
30Wargod SashAddition SP increased by 50%
40Rainbow EarringPrevents most status ailments
50Vanishing StoneGrants access to battle Magician Faust

All 50 Locations

The first four rewards are accessories that can be equipped to the party for various combat situations. The fifth and final reward, however, is a key item that grants access to battle an optional boss! If you haven’t finished collecting Stardust yet and want a checklist, you can use the list below. You may also view a simplified list for printing or to download as your own personal copy.