Save file package
A virtual memory card with a set of LoD savefiles across key moments in the story. For use with emulators, not physical hardware.

Game Modding

Apply various changes via emulator. Start with a suite below. If you choose LODModS, be sure to download the specific mods you want in the list under the suites.

Dragoon Modifier is for making temporary changes for as long as it runs alongside the emulator, but you can make the changes “persist” by running it again for your future sessions.

LODModS will make permanent changes to your digital disc images. Always make a copy of the roms when applying changes, so you always have an unmodified set to work from!


List of mods applied through LODModS:

Fan Kits

An assortment of assets for use in your own social media profiles and fansites.

Wallpapers – set of 16 (1920×1080)

Discord Profile Photos
Profile photos sized for Discord (128x). Set of Dart, Lavitz, Shana, Rose, Haschel, Albert, Meru, Kongol, Lloyd, and Lenus. Sourced from official Sony renders.

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