Promotions for Legend of Dragoon

A summary of known LoD promotions issued by Sony.

Posters & Standees in Videogame Stores

Display Materials @ E3 2000

Posters & Wallpapers

Disc Media

“Movie Disc”

A Playstation disc that merely plays a trailer on loop (see “Japanese Trailer 1” below). After first play, the familiar LoD Title Screen shows up with Snowfield theme music. After a few moments the trailer auto-starts again.

Region code: PAPX90091

Trial versions

Unlike demo discs which typically feature many games and videos, these trial versions only have LoD content. Two versions are known: PAPX 90103 and PAPX 90104.

Video Footage

Trailers, TV Spots, Features, etc.

North America

The silly commercial that most fans know about.

VHS Cassette trailer

“Joy With Annoy” series. Each of these trailers include the Joy With Annoy song by Gregor Narholz, but the video content is re-cut each time.

Behind The Scenes (Playstation Underground)


Art Museum (Two variants)


The same Eyes commercial, except the final narration of the word “Exciting!” is replaced with a different person stating the release date.

Japanese Trailer 1

Japanese Trailer 2 (Notable for variation of Battle 1 music)

Full JP feature



Full EU Feature

Upcoming Events

Severed Chains Group Testing

June Events TBA

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