Guides for Legend of Dragoon

On this page are a variety of guides for Legend of Dragoon. Some are about gameplay, some help with emulation setup, and so on. They are sorted by category.

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Gameplay Guides

  1. General Tips & Tricks – Master basics and learn about hidden-away features!
  2. Stardust Guide – Includes printable page with checkboxes.
  3. Phantom Ship Treasure Puzzle

Modding Guides

  1. Image Upscaling – Getting Started

Setup Guides

  1. How to play LoD in 2023 – Play on PS1/2/3, or on your computer.
  2. Rip Game Discs to PC – Make digital backups to play on PC.
  3. Beetle/RA Emulation Setup – Play on PC or mobile device.
  4. Severed Chains Setup – Play on PC with faster loading and unlimited saves.
  5. Severed Chains for Steam Deck
  6. Import/Export Virtual Memory Cards Between Emulators

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