Guide: Phantom Ship Treasure Puzzle

There is a puzzle on the Phantom Ship that provides a set of five accessories as a reward for solving it. Even if you don’t need them, they can sell for quite a bit of gold to buy things you do want, especially the Ultimate Wargod at 5,000g sell value. There’s some RNG involved, but we can help you minimize it.

The rewards are available in a set order, one at a time, and the puzzle must be repeated to earn the next accessory in the list. It starts with a locked treasure chest inside the first room at the front of the Phantom Ship. As soon as you cross over to it from the Queen Fury, it’s the first door on the left. This is where you’ll try tp solve the puzzle. However, first we need to reach the other end of the ship.

Continue right to the open midsection of the ship, then down the stairs (watch for wisps). In the lower deck, traverse back and to the rear, ignoring the two side doors on the left. In the next area that looks like a kitchen, you’ll find a glow on the floor – press X on top of it. Four ghosts will appear, telling you four single-digit numbers. Write them down.

The objective is to arrange these numbers in the correct, randomly-determined permutation using three of the four numbers you were given. If you get the numbers 1-3-4-7 for example, the answer could be 134, 173, or 471, among many other possibilities.

You can use this website to generate a list of possibilities. In the “List of numbers” box, enter the four digits given to you by the ghost sailors, separated by commas or spaces. Click Go and you’ll receive a list. Copy the combinations into a text document or checklist to keep track of which ones you are trying. In the future, we hope to provide an in-house tool for this.

Start by trying any sequence at random, and pay attention to the screen. If three dots appear in a text box, it means at least one number is in the correct place. No dots = no numbers are in the correct place. From here, it’s all about knowing the permutations and using the process of elimination. For example: if you enter 134 and don’t get the three-dot prompt, you can rule out all permutations that start with 1, have 3 in the middle, or have 4 at the end.

With four unique numbers, there are 24 possible answers. If you have a double, i.e. 1138, there are 12. If you get really lucky with a triple such as 1999, there are only four possibilities.

TriesRewardsDescriptionSell value
10Stun GuardImmunity to Stun100g
8Panic GuardImmunity to Fear150g
6Magic Ego BellImmunity to Bewitchment150g
4TalismanImmunity to Instant Death250g
2Ultimate WargodAutomatic Additions5,000g
2100g (repeatable)

The number of attempts allowed shrinks with each successive reward earned. If you do not solve the puzzle in the allotted attempts, a minor battle will occur and new numbers must be fetched from the ghost sailors. You will also need new numbers if the game is shut down or reset.

That concludes our guide to the Phantom Ship treasure chest! Thank you for reading, and may the RNG be ever in your favor.