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As with any video game that has a sizable following, Legend of Dragoon has inspired people to create their own fansites dedicated to the game – including this one you’re on right now! At the turn of the century, however, the ability to make our own web pages was just beginning. Some had their own domains, while others used free sites like Geocities or Freewebs.

Although many old websites are lost to time, some were preserved either by their own author or through resources like archive.org. The following shortlist of LoD fansites is an effort to mark the game’s historic impact; and to show what fansites looked like between then and now.

Side note: Parts of the official Legend of Dragoon website were also preserved. It focused on the idea that Dragoons existed in real life, discovered by a dig team in Morocco. It featured a special “unearthing” system to view game images, a simulated live chat with the dig team’s leader, and the ability to practice additions and fight Feyrbrand in a Flash game. Click the above link to learn all about it.


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Inception – A Shrine to the Original Dragoons

As titled, this fansite focused a bit more on the original Dragoons and their timeline.


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Endiness, The Land of Dragoons!

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LoD Chronicles

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LoD Direct

A website created in late 2003 as a link hub for other LoD fan sites. Most links are now defunct, but this serves as a shrine to what was.

A site that ran from 2003-2007, focused on general information. It contains some brief biographies of characters, a small gallery, and a few FAQs.

Digital DNA

In addition to strategy, this is an information site that introduces official goods released in the past, LoD creations, and magazines with special articles. Formerly under the Biglobe domain name, they recently moved. The site is still going!

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