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The Resource Archive is a community project designed to be the most comprehensive index of game knowledge and “goodies” for Legend of Dragoon. Above all, the purpose of it – and by extension, the wiki – is to archive and preserve all possible information about the game. This includes in-game data as well as external things like concept art, merchandise, and promotional video. We’ve had it on Google Drive for awhile, but Drew is beginning to migrate it over to the website for direct hosting.

Unlike the wiki, which has an encyclopedic format, the resource archive is more “bare-bones,” as though you were browsing food items on store shelves. It may be used to inspire someone, give them reference material for their fanart, or to bolster their fansites! At present, official game material is the main axis, but if at all possible it would be stellar to include and index fan-made materials with a given creator’s permission.


Since it was built in early 2018, this archive has been housed on Google’s file-storage service, Google Drive. The goal is to start hosting those files directly on this server, although backups will be kept elsewhere. The work was begun by DrewUniverse, whose only available measure was to aggregate all the pieces left amongst the internet to make as complete an index as possible. Over time, volunteers gave intermittent support to help flesh it out – background images, for example. In short, it’s a mix of compiling in-game data as well as external data from various relic websites.

One distinct point of interest: official artwork. Each fansite had a random mix of wallpapers, renders, and/or concept art. Some sites only had the commonly-available wallpapers, while other sites had more estranged pieces and no common materials. Ultimately, the images available were the foundation of the archive we have today.

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