Guide: Getting Started with Image Upscaling

This page will provide some info for getting started with image upscaling. We have provided several links that go out to other websites which already have guides of their own. Tools available may depend on which type of graphics card you have, as well as operating system.

General Resources

Cupscale (Windows)

  • GUI wrapper of ESRGAN.
  • Program used to upscale and can be used as an all-in-one for upscaling purposes.
  • If you use the embedded version of python you only have to install Cupscale to get started upscaling. Click the settings cogwheel and click python runtime to use the embedded version of Python.
  • Nvidia GPUs owners should download CUDA before hand.
  • AMD users should change the CUDA Fallback Mode in the settings to “Always use NCNN”.

Nvidia CUDA (Nvidia GPU owners only)

ESRGAN Installation (Windows guide) (Joey’s fork)

ESRGAN Models (Different upscaling models)

Download models to try out with Cupscale/ESRGAN

GIMP (Photo editing software)

Texture Replacement Guide

A guide to replacing textures with nearest cutouts. ( P.S Please ignore the old first time upscale attempt 🙂 )

BasicSR (Model Training) (victorca25’s BasicSR recommended)

  • Recommended to train on Linux as it can be up to 3x faster.
  • Used to train models for ESRGAN on the old architecture version.
  • Not necessary unless you want to make or train a new model.