Big Severed Chains Update Needs Testers!

With RecBuild 3 nearing completion, we need help testing! Read on to learn about the upcoming group test period starting May 24.




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Greets yall! Drew here with a big call to action. With the next release for Severed Chains, we’re anticipating lots of new players. This update is all about the graphics overhaul and includes many other improvements LoD fans have been waiting for.

To ensure a smooth launch, we need thorough testing to catch any errors or missing bits. Therefore, we’re seeking the community’s help! Starting on Friday May 24, group testing will begin. If you’re interested please read on! Otherwise, expect the update to release this summer.

How to Participate

Testing will be coordinated through the community Discord server; please join if you haven’t already. Head to the #severed-chains channel and ask to be a tester. We’ll grant you a role that lets you see #sc-testing, where we discuss issues and parse it all out.

Monoxide and myself are setting up a testing guide with clear instructions and needed tools. It will include savefile packs and other handy links to help empower you as a tester. This guide will be published on the first day of testing (May 24th, 2024).

We thank the fandom for the support and belief in Severed Chains and what it represents. This is just the beginning, yall. Long live LoD!

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