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  • Now Available: Rec. Build #2 for Severed Chains!

    With a slew of improvements since RB1, RB2 is here with music support!

  • Severed Chains – New Recommended Build!

    Severed Chains – New Recommended Build!

    Severed Chains officially enters the beta stage of development! As we get closer and closer to parity with retail, more framework is being setup for long-term benefits. Let’s mark this moment!

  • Severed Sundays – January 15th

    Welcome back to another Severed Sundays! Monoxide here. This week was another slow one in terms of new features, but big for the game engine. I’ve been working on major behind the scenes changes that have taken up most of my dev time. More on that in a bit. Previously on Severed Chains… In our…

  • Severed Sundays – January 8th

    Hello hello! It’s Severed Sundays, which means a new recap on progress for the Severed Chains platform. Like we mentioned in the livestream this past Friday, Monoxide and I had some setbacks, but we managed a bit of progress anyway. This will be a lighter update. No new recommended build this week. Although Monoxide made…

  • Severed Sundays – January 1st

    Severed Sundays – January 1st

    Hello and welcome to our first news article for 2023! Drew here, wishing everyone a Happy New Year as we continue trying to escape 2016. Monoxide and I have been quite busy, so pardon our belated recap.