Category: Projects

  • LoD Fandub Interview!

    Ariel interviews Wyatt about his experience as a newer LoD fan, and his role in providing voiceovers for the Fan Dub.

  • LOD Fandub Update!

    As the weeks have passed Nogard has been hard at work bringing episode 1.6 to life. He has been evolving his editing and adding new ways for fans to immerse themselves into the world as they watch these characters run head-on into battle! I am glad to announce we have finished producing this new episode,…

  • The Project We’ve Been Waiting 11,000 Years For

    Introduction Hey everyone! For anyone who isn’t already familiar with me, I’m Monoxide, the developer working on the Legend of Dragoon PC port. I’ve been working on the project for the past two years (11,000 years might have been a bit of an exaggeration, but it’s felt like it at times.) The goal of the…

  • LOD Fandub Project

    A new community project that’s already six episodes in, the LoD Fandub aims to replace existing voice lines and add many new ones for fans to watch and enjoy.

  • LoD Upscale Project: May Update

    It’s been a couple of months since the last project update, and while this period has been a little slow, we have reached a new milestone. With the completion of disc 2, initial upscaling (Stage 1) has been finished for all backgrounds in the game, and all discs are now in the splitting and revision…