How To Play Rhythm Minigame

First, download a custom build of Severed Chains here.

Set up the game same as Severed Chains (guide) and run it – this is not a mod that will simply go into “mods” folder.

Press continue on start-up, and select the provided save to begin playing the mod.

(for reference, link to the original SC repository is here: Severed Chains)


To navigate menus, use your keyboard: press the “x” key to confirm, and “o” key to cancel.

Cross Circle Square Triangle for lanes 1, 2, 3, 4 (On keyboard, D, F, J, K)

Press Start/Enter for quick-restart

Press Select/Backspace for quick-exit

Inverse arrow movement option is available, and by default, disabled. Toggle in the main menu under Options.

In addition to keyboard arrow keys and typical gamepads, this Minigame may be compatible with select Guitar Hero and Dance Pad peripherals! Tested as working with two Xbox 360 guitars and one custom-built dance pad. Compatibility list soon to be expanded!

if you need any help, please visit our discord server and ask in the player-help channel.

Compatible Controllers

  • Keyboards and Gamepads in general
  • Guitars
    • Xbox 360 Les Paul by Red Octane
  • Dance Pad
    • Pubby Pad (Limited edition hard pads out of St. Louis; of great quality at half the usual price)

Release Video

April Fools joke, except that it’s real!