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  • A new community project that’s already six episodes in, the LoD Fandub aims to replace existing voice lines and add many new ones for fans to watch and enjoy.

  • Dragoons, reputed to be the incarnation of Dragons. With Dragons at their side, the Dragoons fought boldly.. Oh, this isn’t a monologue? Sorry. We’re drawing Dragoons!

  • New Podcast episode, new events, project updates, Ko-fi donations, and more!

  • Last week we started a Legend of Dragoon art event to test the waters and see what fans would come up with. The subject was Plos, an unremarkable character who survives the raid on Seles at the beginning of the game. It seemed suitable to have a humble beginning like that for our first art…

  • As was announced in the podcast yesterday, we’re doing a community event starting today, April 20th. It will last one week, and is just meant for practice. There are no prizes. These events may center around a myriad of scopes: specific characters or places, a certain classification, a mood, and so on. To start with,…