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Ariel interviews Wyatt about his experience as a newer LoD fan, and his role in providing voiceovers for the Fan Dub.





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With the launch of Episode 1.6 a roaring success, Nogard has begun the process of preparing episode 1.7. Until its release I have much planned to keep everyone updated with its progress! Today however I had the honor of being able to interview a fan-favorite of the series, Wyatt Bowden. He is the amazing voice actor of Lavitz & Albert!

How old were you when you first played LOD?
Honestly? 27 my current age.
Now don’t get me wrong, I have been aware of this game for years because of my wife. This was one of her favorite games growing up and I watched her play before I decided to do it myself this year.”

Did you ever imagine that someday you would be lending your voice to play the iconic Lavitz Slambert & King Albert?
“No, never. That’s most of my experience as an actor though. But I immediately fell in love with the idea the more I played of the game myself. Some of the writing from the original script is a little odd, but I could see the heart in the story from these characters and that to me speaks volumes as to why people love this game so much”

What made you want to audition for a project such as this one?
“As I said, it was my one of wife’s favorite games and I suggested we both audition since this was a project near and dear to her heart.”

What got you into voice acting originally?
“So I’ve been an actor for almost a decade and I was very burned out on stage acting. I had decided to start going into business for myself this year by creating my own production company and making my own projects, but I had always wanted to do voice work as well. So, I had someone point me in the direction of Casting Call Club and the rest was history. I have honestly relearned my love for this field again by doing voice work. Especially this fandub.”

What are you most looking forward to while working on this project?
Getting to help create memorable moments for the audience and recreate cherished moments for longtime fans. I’m going to be very sad saying goodbye to my boy Lavitz eventually, but a piece of him will at least always live on through Albert.”

I’ll close this out by saying how grateful I am to be a part of this project. I am very thrilled to be a part of something that will have longevity and has already been received well by fans. I am also super flattered to be considered any type of fan-favorite in this endeavor. I hope to always be worthy of your admiration.”

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