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A new community project that’s already six episodes in, the LoD Fandub aims to replace existing voice lines and add many new ones for fans to watch and enjoy.





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This all started back in 2010 when someone was inspired by the Final Fantasy 9 fandub that began that same year. With only a pen and notebook he began writing the script in hopes of making the Legend of Dragoon Fandub a reality. Twelve years later, we are now 6 episodes in and don’t plan on stopping. Armed with a talented cast of 20+, proper computer software and a revised script courtesy of the LOD community, we aim to bring attention back to the vintage title and hopefully rekindle the love that we all share for this forgotten game.

In case you don’t fully understand what a Fandub is, allow me to explain so it is better understood.  Fandub: “A foreign language film or television show that has been dubbed into the local language by fans, amateurs or enthusiasts rather than by professional actors and actresses.” In this case we’re replacing all voice lines in Legend of Dragoon, and adding more in-between.

With lifelong fan NogardDragn at the helm, in tandem with the Fandub community, bringing these beloved characters to life is quite the challenge. I had the opportunity to ask him a few questions regarding the project and what he aims for moving forward.

1. What made you want to make a Fandub of this particular game?
“Growing up, RPGs are the genre that sparked my love for video games and Legend of Dragoon was one of the first. For some reason not many other games in our time have captured the magic and mystery that it offers to the gaming community with its massive lore potential and incredible story depth.

As years have went on and seeing so many past titles redeem themselves through remakes or the proper attention, LOD has never gotten it since its initial launch. Choosing to incorporate a fully voiced fandub that showcases how we imagined Endiness as players on our first experience is our attempt to bring the proper attention to the game like many other popular titles have gotten like the final fantasy series and many others.”

2. What challenges do you see possibly facing in the future?
“Honestly our biggest obstacle is the honeycomb effect that LOD brings to the project. The game has always not only offered a challenge in-game but also IRL with its hard-pressed FMVs and Battle scenarios, not too mention a lot of missing assets includes sound effects or song tracks not ported from the game. That leads us to rely on the LOD Community and certain software to bring forth certain assets to fill those gaps alongside the talented VA’s.”

3. What are you hoping to come out of the project?
“As we get older in our gaming years, multiple gaming titles have come forth from the depths of the vault to relive memories in a new light these past 10 years. Titles like Spyro, Ratchet & Clank, FF7, Dragon Quest, Crash and even the elusive Klonoa which was in terms an amazing title but had a cult following like LOD has got its shot at the new age. Games like these defined an era for many of us and to leave LOD off that list feels like a betrayal to the old game franchises, especially with JRPG. The hope is we bring much more traction and awareness too not only an “LOD Remake/Remaster” but to start a fire under the JRPG Genre which holds so many untapped and abandoned gems.”

4. Do you have any info for fans that are just now getting into the Story?
“Take your time! for many fans (including myself) it took us years to beat LOD depending on when you discovered the title. With how many little details the game offers that not only bring the world to life but also creates a mass build up in story, it will reward you with a savory core memory in your gaming collection.”

To watch the series or get involved, take the following links which have all the information you need! Episode one is also embedded below for your convenience.

LoD Fandub Discord server
Youtube Playlist (Subscribe to be alerted of new episodes)

At least once a week I’ll be updating everyone on any behind the scenes tidbits, release dates and maybe even some fan favorite interviews. Stay tuned for the next episode that is currently in production!

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