Author: Drew

  • Severed Sundays – December 18th

    Drew: Originally, we were going to have a slow-down after the incredible progress over the last two weeks of updates to Severed Chains. Turns out, the modding community came up with a lot of improvements both internal and apparent. Let’s dive in. Internal Upgrades Monoxide: Disk unpacking and file pre-processing: we now unpack all game…

  • Severed Sundays

    Jump to: December 2nd – December 9th Hello and welcome to a new blog series! Drew here, alongside a few other volunteers. We’re working together to create a digest of recurring progress on the Severed Chains platform – the custom re-written game engine that is well on its way to running LoD better than emulators…

  • October Arts Event: Spooky

    October Arts Event: Spooky

    Spook things up this October with our latest arts event! Give me the Zackwell fanart – ALL OF IT!

  • Art Showcase – Dragoons

    Art Showcase – Dragoons

    In September we ran an art event on the subject of Dragoons. From GameBoy art to a Divine Dragoon Lloyd to crossovers, see what fellow fans came up with!

  • Community Recap: September 2022

    September was chock full of events! Read on to learn some of what the community has been up to.