Art Showcase – Dragoons

In September we ran an art event on the subject of Dragoons. From GameBoy art to a Divine Dragoon Lloyd to crossovers, see what fellow fans came up with!




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Greets, yall! Drew here with another art showcase for our September drawing event. The subject was Dragoons, whereby fans came up with a fun range of concepts. Canonical characters, original ones, and even some crossovers! Let’s take a look.

This is a gorgeous piece from Aromartic, described as Dragoons from the past. This could easily be the ruins of a battle site during the Dragon Campaign. Note how little the wings get on the outer edge for the right-hand character! Also, it’s nice to see more color variance on the wings here. The building architecture is a lovely add, along with the snow cover.

Beelarosa drew this sketch of Rose as the Black Monster. “I wanted to draw Rose as the black monster as she is perceived & mythologized by her victims, but retaining some of her humanity and the anguish she has had to carry with her in her role.”

This is the first submission we received. On the very day this event began, Gear sent in this fun doodle of Woody (from Toy Story) depicted as a Dragoon. We didn’t see this coming!

Safi brings us a really impressive Rose piece. Plenty of attention to detail here, particularly with layering the hair behind the partially-transparent wings!

This piece by Fable is stellar. “I made a blind Priestess that lived during the Dragon Campaign. Her dragoon form grants her magical supportive abilities as well as the ability to sense the aura of others.” They included a second image of the weapons – the one on the left is the Dragoon weapon, and the one on the right is the original weapon.

This is a sketch from Lavitzbass6666. “An inspired half-awakened dragoon. In the comic that I was working on when I made that character, the wings were used as a shield and a weapon, on top of her sword.”

Chief of Booty enters with an original Dragoon, Saber Alter. Purple is my favorite color, and I love how expansive the wings get on the upper sides. The crackly art effect on the armor and the central gem gives this Dragoon a unique appearance!

Calmodulin2 sent us this depiction of Kanzas, the first Violet Dragoon. He certainly looks thunderous! The blend of colors inside the wings is really cool here – I see a bit of green, blue and purple.

Bigfox3 is up next! “I used some of my own personal characters from a comic whose setting takes place around LoD’s original release date in about ’98-’00, and was really excited to try and design the armor based around proper Dragoon armor lore from the games.”

Dark Dragoon Data is back with another submission this month! This time we’re looking at Legend of Dragoon concepted as a GameBoy game, with Rose on-screen. Well, this is a modified Dragoon Boy, as the picture confirms. I love the realistic greenish tint on the screen.

Mozsaic decided to use one of our prompts: “Lloyd, if the Divine Dragon had recognized him.” I think we’re all thinking the same thing here: *drool emoji*. There are so many ways this could be drawn, and this is a great way to start it off. I love how instead of the dark leathery undergarment, we instead see this reddish muscle tissue in line with the Divine Dragon’s appearance. Very well done.

This is a special treat from Fei Noche. The idea here was to show a Dragoon form that appears damaged from battle, featuring Rose. They gave us both a finished piece and a WIP, so I asked if they’d like a before/after slider and they said yes! Give the slider a try below.

That concludes the showcase! What a cool set of submissions for our first Dragoon art event. In a day or two we’ll be announcing the next creative event, which is sure to “scare up” some more submissions!

~Long live LoD~

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