October Arts Event: Spooky

Spook things up this October with our latest arts event! Give me the Zackwell fanart – ALL OF IT!




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(This article contains spoilers!)

It’s time for our next art event! This time the theme is Spooky, in line with the seasonal Halloween festivities celebrated by many. Whether it’s cute or sinister, we call on LoD fans worldwide to create a submission for this event! And this one’s a special milestone for us, as it’s the first time we’re allowing multiple types of media! That’s right, not just physical or digital drawings. We’re also encouraging musical submissions and works of literature!**

**Yes, just like you, I can hear Dart saying “Wow!” in the background.

Quick mention that tonight is also episode 3 of our special Severed Chains livestream where we play through a reverse-engineered build of LoD’s game engine, with each week improving the engine to surpass standard emulation capabilities!

One of the things I learned from the September art event is that automation will help me save some time parsing through submissions, so that the showcase news article can be posted within a few days of the event concluding. I have experience with Google forms, and think that will be a good path for us to try this time.

To participate in this Spooky event, a form is linked below which contains full rules and guidelines. There are very few questions to fill out, and there’s a built-in upload field for your files. Good luck everyone!

Google Form – required for Spooky October submissions.

Due Date: Sunday, October 30th, 2022.

Note: WIPs and completed submissions may be posted in the #art-events channel of the LoD Discord server.


Here are some example characters, scenes, and situations you can refer to when making your submission. Need images to work off of? Come back in a few days and we’ll have a reference package ready for you.


  • Ghost Knights & Commander
  • Zackwell
  • Lavitz & Menon (the parasite on his back)
  • Magician Bogey
  • Sandora Elite
  • Jiango
  • Polter Armor
  • Death Rose
  • Dark Doel
  • Claire (possessed by War God)
  • Virage
  • The Black Monster
  • Minor foes, typically ones that are Dark element
  • Dragoon Zieg (penultimate battle on Disc 4)
  • Virage Embryo (Melbu Frahma, especially final form with “Monster” minions)
  • Windigo
  • Urobolus
  • Mappi
  • Piton (a.k.a. Fire Bird)


  • Mayfil
  • Hellena Prison
  • Saint Louvia / Phantom Ship (ghastly ship, floating wisps, undead)
  • Kamuy’s lair (White leaf-less tree, nighttime)
  • Fletz – Emille’s Prison (Pocket Dimension with strange magic & sounds)
  • Moon (Seles Burning wall scene, turns into Virage panel)


Most any song can be turned to an evil or scary tune, but it’s a bit easier with heavier tracks usually. That said, you can also use general location songs rather than relying on battle. For example, Volcano Villude and Mayfil have music that lend themselves really well to this theme.

Here are some examples of fan-made remixes that sound somewhat scary or sinister:


  • The Moon That Never Sets turning from blue to red
  • The Black Monster, destroying entire towns to kill the fated Moon Child
  • Kamuy growing feral / attacking in the Evergreen Forest
  • Savage Dragoons (Dragon is in control, wreaking indiscriminate havoc)
  • Zackwell – blood sacrifice to summon the “God of Death”
  • Zackwell offering a devil’s bargain to Lavitz
  • Tower of Flanvel – flying and attacking humans/other species from up high during the Dragon Campaign
  • One-sided gladiator battles in Kadessa’s coliseum
  • Winglies trying to chain down the menacing Divine Dragon
  • Various Dragons fighting Virage
  • Urobolus ambushing and eating warriors who enter Limestone Cave

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