Author: Drew

  • Upcoming Events!

    It has been quite a busy month for the fandom in terms of general activity as well as events and community projects. We’re finishing strong with two more events for the end of this month, and have more lined up for October!

  • Help Wanted – Moderators

    Happy Wednesday, yall. Today the focus is community moderation. Generally we are doing okay, but with the constant growth on multiple social networks it behooves us to seek out moderation assistance. I’ll list some of the qualities we’re looking for as well as a link to a form that must be filled out in order…

  • Community Art Event – Dragoons!

    Dragoons, reputed to be the incarnation of Dragons. With Dragons at their side, the Dragoons fought boldly.. Oh, this isn’t a monologue? Sorry. We’re drawing Dragoons!

  • Community Updates – August 25, 2022

    New Podcast episode, new events, project updates, Ko-fi donations, and more!

  • Art Event Showcase – Plos!

    Last week we started a Legend of Dragoon art event to test the waters and see what fans would come up with. The subject was Plos, an unremarkable character who survives the raid on Seles at the beginning of the game. It seemed suitable to have a humble beginning like that for our first art…