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Dragoons, reputed to be the incarnation of Dragons. With Dragons at their side, the Dragoons fought boldly.. Oh, this isn’t a monologue? Sorry. We’re drawing Dragoons!




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It’s that time again! Our next art event is now active, and the subject is hot! Dragoons, reputed to be the incarnation of Dragons. With Dragons at their side, the Dragoons fought boldly.. Oh, this isn’t a monologue? Sorry. We’re drawing Dragoons! Legend of Draw-goon? Okay okay, let’s look at the event info.

Event Details

When: Today, August 29th thru Sunday, September 25th.

What: Draw a character in Dragoon form. It can be an true-to-lore Dragoon such as Dart, or a new Dragoon character from LoD or another fictional universe. In our most recent podcast, co-host Cody suggested that even Lavitz’ Mother can be a Dragoon. The options are vast. Some examples ideas and reference images will be provided below.

How: Any format. Can be a physical drawing or digital. Pencil, watercolor, crayon, MS Paint, marker, Photoshop, charcoal, GIMP, Krita, or colored pencil. Can even be a 3D mold or papercraft! Use your specialty or challenge yourself with a new medium!

Important Notes About Dragoons

Since it might help with certain design choices, it’s worth mentioning some additional information about Dragoons – some of which still isn’t common knowledge yet. To start, Dragoons adhere to a power and ranking system that is inherited from Dragons. A Dragon can have between one and seven eyes – the more eyes, the stronger the Dragon is. This is the same for Dragoons.

Take special note that all seven “primary” Dragoons featured in LoD are made from six-eye Dragons, so they’re some of the most powerful Dragoons possible. We don’t know if even the one-eye Dragons can procure a Dragoon Spirit, but if you decide to create a new Dragoon character we recommend depicting some that have 3-5 eyes. The eye count determines how many gems are in a given Dragoon’s headband or crown.

Finally, Dragoons typically have a large “signature” gem in the center of the torso armor. This gem is based on the eye color of the Dragon, not the element color. This is why Dart’s central gem is green, and Lavitz’ is red.

When a person transforms into a Dragoon, there will be a battle of wills between them and the Dragoon Spirit. If the wielder cannot achieve mental discipline and mastery over the savage spirit of the Dragon, the latter takes over and wreaks havoc indiscriminately. The closest example of this is Kanzas, who had less noble goals and was caught up in his rage. It’s presumed that the more eyes a Dragoon Spirit has, the harder it is to tame.

Example Concepts

If you’re looking to create something new, here are some prompts to get you started.

  • Commodore Puler as a Water Dragoon traversing the vast sea.
  • In Donau, Pelpee says he wants to have one of those “shiny stones” he sees the party wearing. I’m begging yall, give me Mininto Dragoons!
  • Gehrich and Mappi Duo. Gehrich as a martial-arts Earth Dragoon, and Mappi as an assassin Dark Dragoon. (We never get to fight two Dragoons at once!)
  • Try drawing the Black Monster in the style shown from the full-motion video scene.
  • Lloyd, if the Divine Dragon’s DS accepted him.
  • The Hero Competition fighters as Dragoons (Darkness Atlow, Wind Gorgaga, Earth Danton, Fire Serfius?)
  • Invert an existing Dragoon’s element!

Reference Images (Official Art)

Download: Reference Images of Dragoons. This is a sample set, and is not meant to be exhaustive, but we hope it helps.

Submission Rules

Basically just keep it PG / appropriate for all audiences. Minimum dimensions: 600 x 600 px. File format: PNG preferred.

Submissions will be displayed in a follow-up news post at the start of October. If you wish to submit, send the image, scan, or photo to with the subject “Art event – Dragoon” and your alias. You may also write a one-sentence caption for the photo in the email’s body text, to help contextualize the image in case it’s a crossover for example.

If you do not watermark or sign your image in some way, we are willing to place a website watermark to protect your image. Just let us know if you need a watermark. We recommend focusing on a single submission, but since this event is longer we’ll allow a maximum of three per person.

As an aside, we will also allow in-progress artwork to be posted in the community Discord server. Look for a channel called #art-event-wips.

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