Project: Dragoon Modifier

** Note: This program is scheduled to be sunset in the near future. Thanks to the expanded possibilities and ease of modding brought by the Severed Chains project, it makes sense to taper off major development of Dragoon Modifier.

The Dragoon Modifier is a program designed to help make almost any combination of mods compatible with each other in Legend of Dragoon. It comes with mods built in such as No Dart and preset difficulty Hard and Hell mode. Successor to the Difficulty Modifier, it will be an improved experience overall. The resource demands on your computer will be lessened, and the capabilities of the program are expanded. The Dragoon Modifier is the latest push toward greater unity in the Legend of Dragoon fandom. It is compatible with any Playstation 1 emulator running on Windows PC.

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Future Updates

Currently there are two major updates planned for future releases. One of these updates is the support of all officially released versions of the game (all language regions). Within the month of release all European will work with a localization of the UI to follow. The second update will be ISO modding. It will make changes that stay active for an entire playthrough.

Known Issues

Please report all issues to the #dragoon-modifier channel of the LoD Discord server. Before making a report, please note the following list of errors that we know about.

  • New Game Plus does not function.
  • Hotkeys are swapped in Japan due to X and O swap.
  • Japan support may be buggy as it is the testing ground for other localization regions.
  • Testers have encountered a very rare double level up glitch when using No Dart.
  • The first battle in Hellena may crash, just skip using Dragoon Modifier for that battle, it works fine after that.


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